Creditworthiness is the foundation of global business - Tongcheng makes a strong debut for new product expo in 2018

Creditworthiness is the foundation of global business - Tongcheng makes a strong debut for new product expo in 2018

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2018/03/16 15:34

  On March 11, the Window Door Facade Expo China of 2018, organized by the Committee of Aluminum Doors, Windows and Facade under China Construction Metal Structure Association, was grandly held in Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. As the first event of the kind each year, the WINDOOR Expo held in Guangzhou each March attracts wide attentions where new technologies, products, processes and materials become the best platform for industrial peers to seek for the future trend and explore in potential markets.


Master the world, integrity first - Tongcheng high-tech strong attack 2018 new product fair


The opening ceremony of WINDOOR Expo 2018


  On the day when the Expo was opened, the host held a simple and fast-paced opening ceremony attended by leaders and guests including: Liu Zhe, secretary general, Bai Baokun, Pan Weichen, Ma Junqing, vice presents, and Huang Qi, vice secretary general of China Construction Metal Structure Association; Dong Hong, director of Committee of Aluminum Doors, Windows and Facade, as well as leaders from local and provincial associations across China, industrial experts, guests and organizers. The opening ceremony drew the attention of an array of industrial media agencies to run on-site interviews and reports,including ALwindoor.com and Windoor168.com.
Master the world, integrity first - Tongcheng high-tech strong attack 2018 new product fair
Association leaders and guests visit Tongchengexhibition stand 
  As a representative enterprise of architectural sealants, Tongcheng made a show in the event bringing its elite teams and new products & technologies including advanced structural sealants for facade, two-component silicone structural sealants, silicone weather-proof sealants for facade, and neutral silicone sealants.
  On the first day of the event, Tongcheng booth drew the attention of numerous visitors by showcasing a large variety of products, and won unanimous commendations from on-site visitors for its professional and considerate sales service!
  During the exhibition, ALwindoor.com invited a leader of Tongcheng to introduce the application features of Tongcheng’s products, therefore offering basic guidance and reference for industrial customers in shopping.
  Product Characteristic  
  BYS-8800 two-component silicone structural sealant - two-component, neutral, curing in room temperature, high-modulus architectural silicone sealant. When being used, the components A and B are mixed at a specified ratio, react and cure to become a heat-resistant, cols-resistant and corrosion-free elastomer. It features ozone resistance, UV resistance, and sound weather-proof performance, so can be used for long time. With sound adhesion, it needs no undercoating under normal conditions. After the curing, it is finely adhered to most construction materials such as glass, aluminum and steel.
  BYS-9800 advanced curtain wall silicone structural adhesive
  Product Features:
  BYS-9800 advanced silicone structural sealant for facade - single-component, neutral, curing in room temperature, high-performance and easy-to-use architectural silicone sealant. With a displacement capacity of ±25%, moderate modulus, super high strength and excellent elasticity, it can ensure safe bonding and sealing of glass facades on high-rise buildings. There is no need of undercoating under normal conditions. The adhesion is fine on most construction materials such as coated glass and aluminum after curing. With excellent weather-proof, aging-proof, heat- and cold-resistant performance, it can resist the corrosion of ultraviolet, ozone, and rain. It can maintain good performance within the temperature range of -50℃ to +100℃, so it can be used for long time.
  Honors of Tongcheng (Partly)
  Tongcheng is a manufacturing company integrating the production, RD and sales of construction silicone sealants with a sideline of professional premium sealants. In April 2015, Hubei Tongcheng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 20 million Yuan and an investment of 160 million Yuan. The company has an occupied area of 80mu, a building area of 30,000sqm, a designed annual production capacity of silicone sealant up to 60,000 tons and a designed production capacity of polyurethane up to 25,000 tons. It owns three domestically-advanced fully automated production lines of silicone sealants and a newly-added polyurethane foam sealant production workshop that can achieve automated production ranging from production, packaging, and injection molding to printing, The new project is constructed according to modern standards to respond to national call for environmental protection, with all procedures of safety review, environmental review and fire protection review in place, thus having completed the environment protection goal of zero emission and pollution.
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