R&D team

R&D team


  Production application and product development capability

  Owning 2 senior engineers in chemical engineering and 10 professional chemical engineers, Hubei Tongcheng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. values the input in research and development and the construction of a professional team. The annual R&D expenditures account for 2-3% of sales income.
  The current chief technical engineer Wang Gongwei has been engaged in the production and R&D of architectural organic silicone sealant for 18 years, and acted as chief technical officers in many famous enterprises. Boasting affluent expertise and development experience, he has independently developed the assembly-type architectural low-modulus professional sealants, high-grade melamine sealants for home decoration and other new products.
  The current applied technology director Xiang Hua has been engaged in the product application technology research and market application technology service of architectural sealants for 16 years, and been involved in the formulation and modification of a dozen of national standards, industrial standards, organization standards and corporate standards including the Testing Methods of Architectural Sealants for Structural Assemble and the Insulating Glass Sealants, thus having made considerable contribution to the improvement of the overall technical competence of the industry.