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2019/02/22 17:10

  The key to success is the rise and fall of the cause. Sinochem Group has won a foothold in the market through competition step by step, relying on a large number of like-minded people who are not afraid of hardships and bravely. In the process of Sinochem Group's promotion of management reform and strategic transformation, countless Chinese people have devoted their wonderful years and passions to the Sinochem business, which has promoted the company's continuous development and growth, and left its own life mark in the history of Sinochem. . Among them, there are models of entrepreneurship that have accompanied Zhonghua from the crisis to today, and have made outstanding contributions. In recent years, the company has selected the model workers who have done their best and worked hard, and have been rooted in the frontline and obscured to influence the Chinese characters.


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