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Employee training

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2019/02/22 16:54
  Many bosses like to listen to their subordinates' reports. After listening to their reports, they think they have mastered the overall situation. In fact, the subordinates will report their work purposefully in order to achieve a performance perfect score in order to get full marks in performance. Unless you continue to ask subordinates through serials and pass your own private verification, you will get the true face of the facts. Therefore, what I advocate is to go to the business, go to the scene to find problems, think about problems, analyze various reasons, and find the root of the problem. We can think from the following dimensions:
  How efficient is the business? When there is a large concurrency situation after the scale of business, does our team have any emergency plan to deal with? Has the quality of the service dropped? How can the consumption within the company be maintained at a reasonable level?
  From the perspective of satisfying customer needs, is there any room for improvement in the business we are doing now? Which part of the customer is not satisfied with us? Is there any loophole that can be drilled and the company is wasting money? How to increase conversion rate?
  In our current process, are there any customers that are not covered? Why are their “special” needs not in the service process we are setting up now? Is it because of the different business forms? Do we want to fight for this type of customer? If you don't fight for it, where is the next round of profit growth? If we are going to fight for it, what kind of changes do we need to make, including what resources we have to apply for to seize this market share?
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