Assistant of Vice General Manager

Assistant of Vice General Manager

Working place:
No. 8, Pingsha Avenue, Pingshan Industrial Park, Tongcheng County, Hubei Province China - -
Affiliate department:
Talent recruitment
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2019/11/13 11:05
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Post description:
  Based on the following details:
  1. Male or female, graduated from a full-time technical college or higher degree, majoring in management, Chinese or secretary science.
  2. About 35 years old, with more than three years of experience in similar jobs, versed in Office.
  3. Versed in comprehensive affair management, external reception, and government project declaration.
  4. Have strong copywriting, event planning and communication and coordination skills and good execution
  Wages and Benefits:
  1. The specific salary and pay of the above positions are negotiable.
  2. Free accommodation and meals are offered, with five insurances covered.
  3. Year-end bonus are offered and gifts are presented in Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals.
  Contact Information:
  18171881788 Manager Yang from Human Resource Department
  No. 8, Pingsha Avenue, Pingshan Industrial Park, Tongcheng Economic Development Zone, Tongcheng County, Hubei Province